Assalam o Alaikum and Hello!

Whatever spare time I have on my hand out of my daily life, it goes into reading about gadgets, apps and trying them out. There has always been an urge to share my thoughts about these with the whole wide world, read people’s comments and respond to them. Since blogging required a lot of time which I didn’t think I would be able to spare, I resorted to a relatively less time-hungry social networking option, Twitter.

It is this flood of new gadgets and apps and my amplified desire of sharing that has now pushed me into making my first attempt at blogging.

This blog is totally dedicated for gadgets, apps…….and technology in general. Coming from a non-tech background, it would be only natural that my thoughts and reviews look like written from the perspective of a consumer. So I expect everything to be more simple and understandable for regular users. I would try to present a fair analysis in my posts so fanboys and haters might be found disagreeing with me frequently.

A little bit of appreciation would go a long way. But in no way does it mean that I’m asking for zero criticism.

Do let me know what you like or dislike about any specific post or the blog in general. It would point me in the right direction.


4 thoughts on “Intro

  1. One tip.What about adding a general or even specific category for some really useful business apps which are available in the app. markets ……e.g SAP buisness objects, SAP business explorer, Oracle business Intelligence etc……and sharing our thoughts and views on them!

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