If this is the next iPhone, Android phones get another year to rejoice

Announcement of the sixth iteration of Apple iPhone is expected in September this year. With every passing day, excitement is building up and rumors are heating up. Every now and then, one comes across leaked pictures and probable specifications of the iPhone on the Internet. Only yesterday, iLab Factory, a Chinese repair shop posted pictures of a fully assembled iPhone on their website. These images are the most convincing we have seen so far.

Some prominent changes are elegant brushed metal body, redesigned speaker grill, smaller data/charging port, metallic back cover and larger display size. Overall design looks just the same.

Here are my thoughts: Lets be very straight…..I’m quite disappointed! While metal body has been reworked (and it actually does look cool), it ain’t good enough to make up for the design-carryover-absurdity. That would be the third consecutive iPhone with the same base design.

Even the thought of it turns me off.

Changing the size of the port means loss of all those cool and expensive accessories that iPhone owners have spent a fortune on, unless Apples includes some kind of adopter in the retail package. Display size has been increased but apparently aspect ratio has been changed too by keeping the width same as before. Now it does result in maintaining one-handed operation, but in my opinion, a display won’t look bigger until it is increased in terms of its width. Further, changing aspect ratio will result in fragmentation, absence of which has always been a plus point in case of iDevices.

Now this can all be just a dream (a nightmare actually) and the otherwise convincing pictures may all be fake, which I so desire is the case;

But if it actually is the next iPhone, Android phones, I think, can sail happily rather aggressively throughout the year.

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