Sentry – Wifi automation for Android

Being a smartphone user, you must know how challenging it becomes sometimes to get an above-average battery life. One ready solution is to turn the Wifi Off when not in use so that your phone doesn’t keep on searching for a connection forever, thereby saving power. If you were someone like me, you must be reaching for the Wifi toggle switch many times during a day, just for this purpose.

But not anymore…… Sentry is here for the rescue!!!

Sentry is an automated solution that turns the Wifi of your Android device On if it finds a Wifi connection; otherwise it turns the Wifi Off in order to save the juice.

Once enabled, this app resides in the background…..most of the time, idle. Only at a preset event/interval does it actually get activated and attempt at cycling the Wifi.

Following are the three configuration options by which Sentry can be activated to check for Wifi connectivity and cycle the Wifi, if required. These may be used separately or in combination according to ones needs.

  1. It can be configured to run at desired intervals, say 30 minutes, to check for Wifi connectivity.
  2. It can be configured to check for Wifi connection every time device screen is unlocked. The app is smart enough to check only when the screen is unlocked, not when it is merely turned on to say, check the time/weather.
  3. It can be setup such that it checks Wifi connection every time the device is rebooted.

Now if you think you got the point, you may wanna skip everything else that follows and simply  jump to the download link given at the end of the post. But if you want to understand every configuration option, offer me your hand for a rather detailed walkthrough:

Application Settings

For easy understanding, i have split it in two halves. The upper half (yellow borders) shows General setup options and the lower one (blue borders) deals with Wifi cycling options.


Here is a brief overview of each option.

General Setup Options

It is the toggle to Enable or Disable the app.

If Sentry is enabled and this option is ticked, Sentry icon will show in the notification bar.

If ticked, Sentry can turn Wifi On (at the preset event/interval) even if Wifi was manually turned Off. If unticked, it wont.

Here you can define the amount of time Sentry should wait for a Wifi connection, when activated.

Wifi Cycling Options

If you want to configure Sentry to check for Wifi connection at given intervals, tick this option and mention the time between checks.

If ticked, Sentry will perform Wifi checking whenever device screen is unlocked.

When ticked, Sentry will check for Wifi whenever device is rebooted.

While iOS struggles for a legitimate manual toggle app for Wifi, Android users can enjoy a customisable fully automated solution to deal with it …… and that too, for free. Thats the brilliance of Android!

I found Sentry extremely useful because it saves me the trouble of remembering when to turn the Wifi On and Off. It just does it magically.

Google Play link
Author: Aaron Dimet
Price: Free (Ad-Supported)
However, u may want to support the developer by purchasing Ad-free version priced at $0.99 by clicking here.

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