Live Wallpapers – Reinvented

It’s not everyday that you come across live wallpapers (LWP) this beautiful and immersive. I’m talking about the Live Wallpaper collection by Gauli that just recently hit Google Play. This collection offers 4 artistically themed, multi-layered LWPs for decorating the home screens of your Android devices. All layers represent different objects depending upon the theme of LWP. Objects belonging to a couple of layers keep floating around all the time and you can actually interact with these. Whenever you swipe on the home screen, all the layers move at different speeds creating that cool float animation. Customization options contain only a choice between Night and Day modes.

Nossia Flowers
Price: Free

Balaika Summer
Price: $0.93

Drobita Moon
Price: $0.93

Lumosia Galmour
Price: $0.93

When it comes to LWPs, stutters and lags are the first things to be worried about. But these LWPs are as fluid as you would want them to be. I have tried the free one on my Galaxy Note N-7000 and it was silky smooth. There is just this one weird thing: I noticed that it shows the whole panorama only in landscape mode (obviously with a third-party launcher). Portrait view is quite zoomed in.

I’m not sure if you would actually use these LWPs or not because not everyone likes ladies moving around on their home screens 🙂 but you would absolutely enjoy the idea, overall presentation and performance.

Thats a bouquet of gorgeous live wallpapers by this developer and I hope this is just the beginning.


Warning (for Jelly Bean users only): The paid versions are currently disappearing at every reboot and have to be reselected from the LWP menu. The developer has promised a fix in near future.

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