Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – First Official Ad

Moments ago, I received an email alert about a new ad that Samsung posted on its Youtube channel today. To my surprise, it was about the Galaxy Note 10.1. I wasn’t expecting anything more than a leak before August 15 or 29 which are the official announcement dates of The Next Galaxy device(s). That got me so excited that I wanted to throw a post right away.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 | Note, the New Way!

The ad doesn’t say anything about the hardware specifications….it is focused completely on the software features. I have tried to jot down the following list of features shown off in the video:

  • Multitasking: Use two apps in one view, Launch multiscreens, Launch Pop-up Play, Drag & Drop Content between Apps, Open Email Attachment alongside Email App, Drag & Drop Screens to Switch their Locations.
  • Note Taking: 8 templates to work with, Record Video/Audio and add to S-Note, Pinch to Change Keyboard Layout, Drag with 2 Fingers to Change Keyboard Location, Launch S-Note from Any Screen, Copy & Paste Content from Any App and Edit in S-Note, Shape Matching, Handwriting to Text, Formula Match, Record & Play Step by Step Drawing Details, Improved Note Management.
  • Education: Samsung Learning Hub, Take Notes with S-Pen on Textbook, Highlight and Note, 3D Animations for Easy Understanding.
  • Information: Access Advanced Knowledge Search Engine from within S-Note, Crop Search Results from Browser and Drag in S-Note.
  • Photo Editing: Photoshop Touch pre-loaded, Advanced Photo Editing with S-Pen.
  • Other software features: Live Preview of Videos in One Screen, Buddy Photo Share, Co-Create and Share Ideas Together using DLNA, Universal IR Remote.

Multitasking & Note Taking are clearly the best features of the lot; Multitasking even seems like an essential feat for screens of this size. I wonder why it remained ignored by all the tablet manufacturers for so long.

The software features are catchy enough……for me, at least. Multitasking and Note Taking alone can make my tablet usage a whole lot better. What I would like to see now is how this tablet actually performs in real life. Ads may be deceiving!!

Stay tuned for my detailed thoughts on the complete hardware and software package which will be posted as soon as more info is available. Please use the comments section below to let me know what you think about the ad and the next generation of Note.

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – First Official Ad

    • Yeah one that every large screen tablet should have. Samsung had been struggling with this for quite some time. Earlier Galaxy Tabs were able to pop up selected apps in the form of mini windows but drag and drop of content was not possible.
      Even in this tablet, I suspect this feature to be limited to selected stock apps but it is definitely better than earlier iterations. And drag and drop of content has become far more useful due to S-Pen.

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