Response to: [Innovate or stagnate: Why your next phone will suck if Samsung beats Apple]

There is a war going on in Tech industry…yeah you got it right! It’s the patent war between Apple & Samsung (and rest of the Android phone OEMs?) that I’m talking about.

If you are into mobile technology, I believe you will be going through tons of articles everyday on this patent war. BUT, believe me! The one I’m about to share with you is nothing even close to what you have read ever in this regard. It is probably the worst attempt ever at it. And this post of mine is totally in response to this article.

Innovate or stagnate: Why your next phone will suck if Samsung beats Apple by Rob Enderle

Interesting read…..Right? I agree, but to this extent only!

I could have looked at the title of this article and profile of the person who shared it with me and simply ignored it saying, “it would be nothing more than another fanboyish or hate-filled article”, but I know it wouldn’t have been fair. BUT after reading that, not blogging about it would even have been a crime.

First of all, I would like to mention here that currently I’m using 3 different Apple devices and 1 Samsung. It was necessary to have a flavor of both worlds i.e., iOS and Android. In case of Android, I had a variety to choose from but the reason I went for Samsung is that it was considered the best Android phone OEM at that time (and at present too). Out of the 4 products I mentioned, the one that I’m most satisfied with and that I use the most throughout the day is the Samsung. Reason? Better overall usability. It does have its downsides but it makes me feel a lot less hand-cuffed, putting straight!

For me, there is a lot to disagree and very little to agree in this article. Here are the major points where I totally disagree with the writer:

  • The title: Firstly because I don’t agree that Samsung is not innovating. Secondly, because the writer didn’t throw any solid arguments to defend the title which makes it more of a selling point than something what the writer truly believed would represent his article.
  • Customer satisfaction: This argument starts with appliances and quite reasonably ends there. While I’m no one to comment on the appliance part of Samsung, I can strongly argue that the Samsung phone, Galaxy Note to be exact, that I’m using currently (and that’s the second Samsung phone I used) is the best all-in-one package that I ever used. And guess what…..It is not even Samsung’s top dog.
    Here is what I mean by an all-in-one package: Best display quality, Best camera, Best out-of-the-box support for media files, Best CPU & GPU combo, All possible sensors, Best stylus (well, in case of Galaxy Note only), DLNA, More Internal StorageExpandable storage, USB OTG, HDMI out, Light weight, Pleasing thinness…..and i still think I’m missing something.
  • User Experience: I don’t know where the writer is getting his knowledge about Samsung phones from but as a user, I must say that Samsung phones instead give you a better overall Android experience. These stutter less and pack more features. Samsung Galaxy S series has offered the best Android phone experience from its 1st generation to the current 3rd. It is not just me saying it; check out all popular review sites (or probably the sales numbers) in case you have difficulty taking my words. In case of tablets, many of Samsung tablets are still running Honeycomb, which everyone knows, was a failed Android version… again it is not Samsung that ought to be blamed here.
  • Mimicry/Stagnation: Looking at comparison shots of Galaxy S and iPhone 3GS, one can easily spot the similarities in frontal design and icon layout. But comparing next generations of both worlds since then, one simply cant. There are no similarities. If you look critically at various genarations of Apple devices, you would know that if anyone is truly copying Apple, it is Apple itself. Continued indulgence in this practice has made it stagnant and let others outrun it:
    iPhone: From 1st to 3rd generation, no change in design, very small change in feature set; 4th  generation offered new features and design changes; 5th generation is again the same.
    iPad: 2nd generation offered design changes and new features; 3rdgeneration is almost the same.
    On the other hand, run a same comparison for Samsung Galaxy S generations and you will see enormous improvements in design and features. Same goes for Samsung tablets. The latest Galaxy Note 10.1 is the proof of its progression.
  • Innovation, at last: this is where it all began. In my opinion, Samsung is moving ahead rather very well in this department. HD Super AMOLED Plus displays, S-Pen, Multiscreen view, Mini Floating Apps, Pop up Play, Smart Stay, Smart Alert, Direct Call, AllShare Cast…….ain’t it all innovation? One should be retarded enough to let all these go unnoticed. S-Pen and Mutiscreen view probably are the best features a tablet can have presently and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the first tablet of the world to offer these. The writer is either not updated about these features or otherwise, he is clearly biased.

In the end, I would say that I can’t forecast the outcome of on-going litigation between the two parties. It is purely a legal matter and presumably, it is in the best hands already. What I must say is that both parties need to change themselves in certain areas. The earlier they do it, the better it would be for all.

Samsung: The best selling points of Samsung devices are not where it copied Apple. Samsung should learn from this fact and stop copying even if it somehow wins this patent war. What it should copy/learn from Apple is how to make a feature mature and finally how to sell it!
Apple: Above everything, it should mentally prepare itself for competition and that too…..a huge one! That would let it focus less on litigation and more on innovation. Apple has given some cool quality products to the Tech world but its progression further is snail slow.

Please do share your thoughts on this increasingly controversial issue, the article in question and my response on it. The comment area below is your best friend

38 thoughts on “Response to: [Innovate or stagnate: Why your next phone will suck if Samsung beats Apple]

  1. As always, you are carried away with the technological aspect. The original article is to be read from purely business perspective although the title seems to be referring to innovation.
    The writer is trying to foresee the post Samsung Takeover Mobile market. He is trying to map the outcomes of other industries like TV over the mobile phones market and trying to make a point how it eventually can stall the overall market.

    The mistake you made is to turn this discussion into a Brittaney Spears Fansite post by braggging about your personal belongings and your intimacy with some particular items. So you ended up evaluating the whole article with a myopic view which, in my opinion is injustice to it.

    You started the article by being critical to the tiltle itself. I dont know how you assumed that it means that Samsung is not innovative? The writer seems to have given it a good thought and in my opinion the title says it all. In my opinion what title is trying to suggest is that Samsung beating Apple in this game will make the mobile market stall as it did with other markets historically speaking. As far as I remember, before starting the blog, you were also of the opinion that the close competition between these two will always be better for customers. I dont know why it is problematic for you when others are suggesting the same.

    And yes … take a look at the profile of the person writing the original article as well … you seemed to have read just the comments on it. I am re-producing a chunk of his profile for you to read and digest.

    “Rob is President and Principal Analyst of the Enderle Group, a forward looking emerging technology advisory firm. Recognized as one of the best general Inquiry Analysts in the world, Rob specializes in providing rapid perspectives and suggested tactics and strategies to a large number of clients dealing with rapidly changing global events. Rob lives emerging technology and has a passion for personal technology and market strategy. Rob trained as a news anchor and co-hosted CNET radio during the 90s, has been widely used by both local and national news TV and radio programs, and has been identified as one of the worlds’ most influential technology analysts.” …. and the profile goes on …. you can see the full profile on

    • aaaw fanboys will always be fanboys!

      Para 1: See whatever perspective this guy has wrote this article from, it poorly failed to make enough sense. His argument relevant to this para goes as “Samsung doesn’t know how to drive markets after it conquers them, which isn’t great for consumers. If it significantly beats everyone else in smartphones and tablets, we would likely see those markets stagnate as well.”, First thing that i would like to know is how the writer thinks Samsung conquers the markets? The second, how progressive Apple has been after creating a market for touchscreen phones (yeah i intentionally didnt say smartphones, if u know what i mean) and tablets? Hasn’t it stalled the market already?

      Para 2: How wrong! That was just to let the readers have an idea about my experience with products of both companies. Obviously not meaningful for u coz u already know a lot. I might even have to kill u for that 🙂

      Para 3: I assumed? This article is screaming about Samsung being non-innovative. I want to salute u for being innocent enough to not even know what the article is actually about. Okey and, as per your interpretation, if writer believes Samsung is innovative, why does he then think it would stall the market? Secondly u say “As far as I remember, before starting the blog, you were also of the opinion that the close competition between these two will always be better for customers. I dont know why it is problematic for you when others are suggesting the same.”. Where does this article suggest that close competition between the two will always be better and where does my response suggest otherwise?

      Para 4: I think now u just look at my name under a post and decide u have to criticize it 😀 (i’m literally laughing writing this). Why do u think i would include a link to his profile in my article if i didnt wanna read it myself? And believe me, after reading his profile, i decided to make the language somewhat mild in his “honor” 🙂

      Dude!!! ur fanboyism is on steroids these days 😀 Gotta do something!

    • Thanks for taking time to visit and comment. Thats his first article I read and I’m really disappointed.

  2. Oh here is another interesting read for fans of enderle

    Although the “owner” of this blog always has option to simply ignore it thinking if it fanboyish or hate-filled, I still believe that he will be kind enough to read it 🙂

    And please please please ….. Always read Rob’s articles as business cases …… His area of expertise has always been business strategy with a focus on technology businesses.

    • i read it. it made sense. i simply disagree with the premise that apple goes in as the favorite home boy. judges at that level aren’t going to allow nonsense. besides, i don’t think enderle’s “recency” theory is applicable. i’m seeing a disgruntled apple base and a shift away from dominating the market which would level the jury playing field. coconutz247

      • Well … Relatively speaking … Apple may have a slight advantage of being considered as the favorite homeboy …. But yes … this will not be a big factor …. The primacy theory can also come into play but not in the sense that Apple has been honest and innovative …… Instead it might come into play in the sense that Samsung has been a copycat ….. So Enderle has a point when it says that Samsung started from wrong foot by giving Sony argument in the very beginning …

        BTW … Nice to finally have interacted who can communicate without using technological terms ….. I hope to see you around mor often

    • Logically speaking …… “Apple copycatted first” argument makes Samsung a copycat by default ….. Let’s see what kind of verdict court gives eventually. Let’s hope that this trial will not distract these companies as far as their innovative side is concerned ….. By the way … Have you seen the copycat version of MacBook Pro ????? I wonder when Apple is going to drag Samsung in court on it …. 

      • From software point, nexus phones will always be preferred but from hardware standpoint, I seriously doubt. Only time will tell. Just a small example: Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus have the same specd displays (just a bit of difference in res, 11% to be exact) but display quality of Galaxy Note is far better in real life. I was amazed when i compared both side by side at full brightness. Moreover, Nexus phones follow a rigid policy by offering lesser hardware features than Samsung. If followed in future, this policy would be a turn off for many. Google “should” produce a better Android phone if it manufactures the whole package by itself coz that’s an ideal scenario. But i wont be surprised if it doesn’t.

        • The example of Note and nexus is correct. One should also keep in mind that both were manufactured by Samsung and that it might’ve made the Note better intentionally. Anyhow, my feeling about Nexus is that it is intended for more serious users while Note is comparatively flashy and is more focused on diverse multimedia needs. I personally would’ve gone for Nexus for its unique design and it’s dark looks (batman style)
          Anyhow, it’ll be seriously interesting to see when Google will start manufacturing phones which will be more compatible to android and of course will be costing much less than other android devices ….
          The problem would be that eventually Samsung will be the only big market player in phone market without its dedicated OS ….. Which, eventually might hurt it in coming years

          • my weapon is the galaxy note. a few complaints, but a sweet all in one device. haven’t used the nexus yet, but without phone capability, size is the only advantage over note. i’d step up to a 7″ or larger device if it had phone capability and a full operating system for Painter and Adobe. i break my wrist picking up my 17″ sony laptop, so i’m looking at something lighter. maybe the MS Surface. coconutz247

          • haha … who’s a fanboy now??? the dude is thinking about a 7″ Device and all you can think about it note 10.1. Did you even noticed him comlaining about the weight??? BTW his preference of a 7″ device with telephony supports my assumption that it might be a beginning of the end for smart/touch phones 😀

            bye bye S3

          • Do u even read the complete post before throwing a comment? He said he is looking for something 7″ or larger…..I repeat, LARGER. And his complaint re weight is for a 17″ laptop which is obviously far heavier than even a 10.1″ tablet.
            U just wanted to accuse me of being a fanboy…..didn’t u? 🙂

          • BTW …. are your timezone settings correct??? I feel it off by one hour … unless Samsung has invented a time machine which doesnt make sense because Apple has not invented one so far 🙂

          • Never checked. Would look into it. And now what does Samsung has to do with it? I use all Samsung, Dell and Apple devices to post my comments. These haters….I tell u.

          • Haha ….it is the luxury owning a substandard gadget comes with ….people tend to accuse gadgets for your own mistakes too 😛

          • OHHH wanted to tell you something so badly …. Just checked S3 critically …. It has a lag even if you compare it with my 3GS …… Especially when you swipe to go to next home screen …. So much processing power and still an undesired result …..
            It reminded me again the comments from Android brand manager “we declared a war on lagging” ….. Seems like he meant something 🙂

          • But lags exist in JB even. See iOS cant be compared just side by side with Android. Android is doing a lot in the background which iOS aint. In case of Homescreen, Android has to take care of all those widgets (some of which are even live) while iOS has to load only icons.
            Having said that, it is surprising for me too that even with such powerful CPUs, Android is not able to provide a super fluid UI.

            The launchers and ROMs also play their role here. Many custom ROMs and 3rd party launchers remove all these lags and make ur experience very fluid.

            My experience is that u do get annoyed with these lags but the features and usability that u get with Android always outruns this annoyance.

        • There is a simple explanation that Android is not to run only on Samsung devices …. It is just like a family where father doesn’t want to be limited to just his wife and let kids suffer because of it ….. Well … In this case, father seems to have learned from his mistake and trying to get a suitable wife for him …. Hehehehehe

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