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Samsung Galaxy Note, Reborn!!

Despite being an avid user of Android OS, I don’t get into trying Custom ROMs much. However, I keep on looking for and trying out Stock ROMs whenever I find enough time. Galaxy Note N-7000 has seen enormous amounts of updates since its launch. Starting off with Ginger Bread, currently enjoying Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) … Continue reading

Live Wallpapers – Reinvented

It’s not everyday that you come across live wallpapers (LWP) this beautiful and immersive. I’m talking about the Live Wallpaper collection by Gauli that just recently hit Google Play. This collection offers 4 artistically themed, multi-layered LWPs for decorating the home screens of your Android devices. All layers represent different objects depending upon the theme of LWP. Objects belonging to … Continue reading

Sentry – Wifi automation for Android

Being a smartphone user, you must know how challenging it becomes sometimes to get an above-average battery life. One ready solution is to turn the Wifi Off when not in use so that your phone doesn’t keep on searching for a connection forever, thereby saving power. If you were someone like me, you must be reaching … Continue reading